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[1 Apr 2006 | No Comment | 334 views]

Everyone has a money bucket. The status of your money bucket determines if you have financial freedom or financial bondage.
Financial freedom brings freedom, savings, and enjoyment in life. Financial bondage brings extreme debt, worry, pressure, stress, and other problems.
Let me explain about the money bucket…
Imagine a five-gallon bucket with a garden hose pouring water in the top. In the bottom of the bucket are many small holes. Water is constantly leaking out of the bucket at a rapid rate.
You money bucket is the same. You have your income coming in the top through your job, investments, etc. Since it takes money to live, your money is leaking out the bottom to pay bills, house payments, food, etc.
–Financial Bondage = your money is leaking out faster than it is going in. In other words you are spending more than you make.
–Financial Standstill = income and spending are equal. You are living …

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[1 Apr 2006 | No Comment | 547 views]

So, you want to save for retirement, but you’re having enough trouble paying your bills every month?
Now what?
How can you possibly find enough money to save for the future when the present is difficult enough?
If this sounds familiar, then here are a few suggestions to help making saving money easier. Not necessarily easy – when money is tight, saving is probably not going to be easy. But at least it can be a little bit easier.
For this to work, you first have to be willing to make a few changes. Actually, it all comes down to one big change – and that is making a commitment. Without this commitment, and a plan to go along with it, then most likely nothing will ever change.
So, go ahead and make a commitment to yourself that you’ll do WHATEVER it takes to change your financial situation. And this change won’t come overnight, so …

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[1 Apr 2006 | No Comment | 369 views]

Few of us have any formal training when it comes to dealing with our finances. Most of us learn the hard way — through the school of hard knocks. For some those lessons cost very dear in the form of bankruptcy and lost homes. Others are fortunate to ride the storms out and come out on the other side battered but not beaten.
I have learned my lessons the hard way. I do not come from money and my family had to work hard for every penny. Bad choices and bad luck meant hardship and expenses that had to be paid for with even more sacrifice. However it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are the five important lessons, or steps, that will make your road to financial security easier for you and your family.
Step One is simply tracking your expenses. No you don’t have to go the route of …

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[1 Apr 2006 | No Comment | 315 views]

Financial success may come in different forms. Financial success does not only mean that you are financially independent, or you have been able to make thousands of dollars off the stock market. To be financially successful, may mean making sure by the time you graduate from college, you are not in debt or worse off than you started.
As essential as it is to secure a part-time job to support your personal wants, you must be aware of the “hidden regressors” that come uninvited. Your first check in the mail, brings you to some degree, some feeling of accomplishment. Your adult life is just beginning, where you see the value of getting paid for work done. It goes without say that it’s at that time where you start to take on additional responsibilities. The importance of communication and being able to be reached wherever and whenever, prompts you to procure a …