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[23 Jan 2010 | No Comment | 839 views]

Most experts on the subject believe that the Social Security system will be bankrupt in about 15 years. However, some new studies have offered a ray of hope. They seem to indicate that the assumption that the boomer generation will retire at 65 or 67 and sit back to collect their social security checks is incorrect.
They believe a sufficient percentage – some estimates are as high as 80% – will continue to work in some capacity or another, relieving much of the pressure on the system.
This is probably the only ray of hope for many who have visited financial planners or bought personal finance software to see how much they need for retirement. These usually show you need a million or more dollars to retire with your current lifestyle. But again, they don’t take continuing earnings into account.
Many in the baby boomer generation plan to retire at around 65, but …

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[19 Jan 2010 | No Comment | 923 views]

Here are five positive and effective ways to increase your income.
1. Do you have objects or clutter around your house which you are not using and could sell to increase your income? In today’s electronic world EBay would be a good choice. Holding a yard sell or boot fair would be an excellent option.
2. Do you have an effective budget, planning system working in your life? It is amazing that when money is managed correctly then it produces more. It is a fact that the universe will provide more income when finances are managed correctly!
3. Do you have an idea which you are passionate about? Think about Alexandra Bell, he invented the telephone. Today a telephone is amazing! When you have an idea, go to work on it NOW! It could provide you more income.
4. Start your own business. It does not have to be a big business but set …