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[25 Feb 2010 | No Comment | 910 views]

Those of you who are in the “boomer generation”, ie; born between 1946 and 1964 are now perhaps thinking about getting off the fast moving treadmill and thinking about retirement, but the question is, can you retire with enough to live in comfort and still do the things you always wanted to do?
When thinking of retirement do you think of Florida and the sun belt, or perhaps Arizona, if so, it would be wise to consider the extreme costs of both of those areas where most of the U.S. population has already retired. Homes and living costs are very expensive and many who retire on modest incomes find it difficult to do some of the things they have always wanted to do, and some find it even necessary to obtain part time work.
If you are retiring on a modest income, another alternative is to look outside the box and consider …

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[22 Feb 2010 | No Comment | 820 views]

Budgeting money is something of a neglected necessity in the modern world, with so many people lured into spending regardless of their financial situation. It has become almost the norm to spend each month more than is earned, often without even knowing it. This has led to severe debt problems for millions of people in the US and UK in particular, and an encouragement and acceptance of ignorance in personal money management.
Despite all the bad debt write offs, the banks and other lenders are happy with the situation. They build the risk factor of bad debts into their interest rates to ensure overall profitability, so borrowers are paying for the collective lack of ability to budget properly. Yet, budgeting is easy, so it is baffling in some ways that many people are unsure how to budget money.
Being able to budget your own money is a bit more than listing your …

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[14 Feb 2010 | No Comment | 810 views]

Do you find that your money disappears very quickly?
Do you find there is a lack of money in your life?
How can you manage money better?
If you have ever wondered about those questions then this article will set things straight.
There are five key ways or secrets which will amaze you.
You will want to know more.
Here are the five ways;
Use habitually a budget plan system. You will discover that you have more than you first thought. A budget system is where you plan on paper where your every note or coin goes. You will see that you have more money! It works!
When you have money, place every note or coin in an envelope with a purpose written on it. For example, have an envelope for rent then you can place coins or notes in that envelope. Your money will go further!
Reduce your debt and stop using credit. With credit you are not …

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[1 Feb 2010 | No Comment | 808 views]

Do you overspend?
Do you find you have no money left for important items?
Is your credit card bill over whelming you?
would you like to change the situation?
In this article you will learn five excellent ways to reduce your spending.
Follow these tried and tested principles stated below and see the difference!
• To set yourself a budget system and work all your monthly outgoings by this. The more you manage the more you will attract.
• To make an envelope system along with your partner, in order to get the big picture of your finances for the month.
• Pay for bills by the envelope system instead of paying for them by direct debit when you can run the risk of entering the over draft facility.This will allow you to see the big picture.
• Prioritize your bills and if need to cut back on less important ones. For example: if a person has monthly outgoings …