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[26 Mar 2010 | No Comment | 823 views]

In this second article of “What is money?” You will learn;
• It is a store of value
• Money is not real
The third point is money must be a store of value.
The “object” must have a market value that can be stored for future use.
For example, a man who sells lap tops has in his possession one hundred lap tops which he can sell for future trade. This is beneficial for him because he has a store of market value, when he sells the lap tops he will add value to his business and himself.
Maybe you keep a cash box at home. The currency in the box holds market value and can be used in a future date. The currency is a store of value.
Is money real?
Here’s the thing, money is not real. Why is this fact?
We have already discussed that money systems are only “objects” which are trusted and accepted.
If …

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[22 Mar 2010 | No Comment | 811 views]

In today’s article you will learn what money is.
In today’s world we all use money on a day to day basis. Have you ever stopped to think what money in fact is?
• Money is a source of exchange
• It has a unit of account
Money is a source of exchange.
All throughout history there has been an exchange system in place. One example is Rome back in 550 B.C.E, salt was exchanged for goods.
Originally a conch shell, which is a marine mollusc with a large brightly coloured spiral, was used in exchange for goods.
Here is the point.
Any object can be used in exchange for goods. When this object is used to trade goods, it is a medium of exchange. When trust is built up in this object it leads it to become important and valued. It then becomes a “money system”.
What about the object we use today?
As we have just said, salt …

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[15 Mar 2010 | No Comment | 812 views]

How to achieve financial prosperity?
There are several ways to go about achieving financial prosperity.
• Having good money habits and building accurate knowledge.
• Believing in your self and having the correct mindset.
• Having a millionaire mindset.
• Using the laws of attraction.
To be financially successful it involves 80% behaviour (Positive habits) and 20% knowledge (from the experts)
This means that the correct money habits are needed with the correct knowledge. If negative habits exist, these need to change and a finance coach/mentor can assist. Accurate knowledge from the best can help you to learn and build this.
A person must truly believe in themselves to build prosperity. Any lack of confidence will lead to doubt and that needs to change. By using positive affirmations “I am attracting financial prosperity” will help to change the mindset.
Learn from millionaires, buy books written by millionaires, go on courses. The mindset of a millionaire is different to a …

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[9 Mar 2010 | No Comment | 845 views]

In this article you will learn exactly what financial prosperity is and how to achieve that.
Firstly, what is financial prosperity?
According to the Collins student dictionary, prosperity means; success and wealth.
It is vitally important to remember that success is a step by step process and needs to be connected to a long term (10 year or longer) goal. Also needs to be attached to core values.
How many people have won the lottery only to be back to their original state after five years? This is because a lottery win is an event not a process.
The dictionary defines the word “wealth” as the state of being rich. It is a state of being rich in the fact that you are working your lives passions and not just in it for the money.
One example, I know a person who has been working in a factory for 15 years. She works for the coins …

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[2 Mar 2010 | No Comment | 781 views]

I am sure this article has grabbed your attention!
So, how can you live without working?
There are some important secrets you must know and put into practice. Put these secrets into use on a daily basis and begin to see a phenomenal change in your financial life.
First, thing of an idea you have had in the past that would assist people to solve a problem?
Put pen to paper. If you have an idea write it down, expand on it and visualize the idea.
If you find it hard to think of an idea then ask what would help other people.
Next, research the market. Is it needed?
Build contacts that have experience in your field. Build a web site, marketing your product.
Set long term goals that your idea is going to take the planet by storm.
Keep focused and most of all fully believe that it will work!!
Eventually let the idea sell itself and attract …